Cellar Profile

Bill Arbios started Arbios Cellars with a mere 125 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon in 1993. Production has grown to about 3000 cases. Bill began Arbios Cellars as a way to fulfill his personal dreams as a winemaker, rather than just a vagabond vintner for other people.

In 2000, Bill created Praxis Cellars to broaden the scope of the wines he produced. Arbios is our “serious” wine so Bill wanted to create a distinct label for our other wines. Praxis is derived from the Greek word for practice as a doctor or lawyer practices their craft. Praxis was also a pre-Arts and Crafts philosophy in Europe espousing the importance of striving for perfection while knowing that it will never be fully achieved. Since launching our second label, we have also found that it is a moon of the Klingon home planet in Star Trek and a verb for domination in an on-line vampire game.

In the Praxis wines, Bill can practice his craft with different wine varietals from various wine regions of California. Although Bill’s winemaking reputation was built upon his blended meritage wines at Lyeth, Praxis wines are not blended. The wines are all 100% of their grape varietal and are from a single vineyard, so Bill can play with the expression of the fruit in a number of ways such as the amount and type of oak he uses.