The fruit for the Praxis wines is sourced from parts of California in order to maintain quality at a relatively reasonable price. The vineyards are also located where Bill believes the varietal will best express its own characteristics – the right soils and climates for the vines. Each of the wines are from a single, sustainably-farrmed vineyard; all of them are 100% of the varietal.

Gewürztraminer: This is our first vintage of Gewürztraminer.  The grapes all come from the Russian River Valley vineyard that has provided our Viognier for the last few years

Viognier: For those unfamiliar with Viognier, we feel it has the best characteristics of a Chardonnay and a Riesling or Gewürztraminer in one! The wine is fruity but dry with flavors of pears and nectarines. We sourced this fruit from a renowned vineyard in Sonoma County. Bill loves the fruit for its flavors and aromas.

Pinot Noir: We began the Praxis line of wines in 2000 with a Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir and have been searching for specific clones ever since. In 2012, we had an incredible opportunity to obtain Sonoma Coast fruit.  Bill was intrigued and thrilled to bring all of our wine projects closer to home.  The vineyard is West of Sonoma at the border of the Carneros appellation where the cool climatic conditions of San Pablo Bay influence growth and ripening. 

Merlot: These grapes are grown on a small rise in the heart of the Alexander Valley. Bill feels he can make a merlot that tastes like something from these grapes – not just a generic red wine.

Lagrein: These grapes come from what we believe was the first American Lagrein vineyard in the US. They are over 20 years old at an elevation of 1800 feet near Santa Maria similar to the growing conditions in the Alto Adige of Italy.